Walkers Shortbread incorporates new reseal labels on packaging

03rd February 2011 - Fine Cut

Walkers Shortbread has announced that it will be incorporating reseal-it labels on its range of products including shortbread and oatcakes.

According to the firm behind the labelling the resealable labels are a "re-closable and tamper evident labelling system allowing consumers to easily open products and reseal them again," Packaging News reports.

The new product labels are designed to eliminate the need to wrap the item in cling film or put it in storage containers after opening. Richard Walker, technical director at Walkers Shortbread said the concept was seen at an exhibition visited in the United States and that the brand believed it would appeal and benefit its customers.

"We initially trialled it on one pack size and noticed significant benefits to both us and consumers. We continually aim to deliver the highest quality to our customers and one thing we always keep an eye on is developments in packaging technology," he said.

Gregor Williams from the company who launched the Reseal-it concept added that the concept had expanded from the company's tradition markets of sliced meats and cheese. He added that the system has been applied to Walker's existing printed stock, over the past three years, the reseal-it concept has been incorporated into 600m products packaging.

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