Use of safety labels advised for firms

19th November 2013 - Fine Cut
Use of safety labels advised for firms

The stresses of operating a manufacturing business in the current economic climate means it can be very easy to overlook important processes, but doing so could be extremely costly in the long term.

Ensuring you have an effective health and safety strategy in place is vital for companies across all sectors, but some are in more danger of putting their employees' lives at risk if they fail to comply with regulations.

Fine Cut specialises in the manufacturing of a wide variety of label types that could help to keep members of staff in the know about potentially dangerous chemicals found in certain products, or broken machinery that should not be used.

Our team of dedicated engineers are on hand to provide much-needed support and guidance for companies that are unsure about how to improve their health and safety methods.

Included in Fine Cut's vast product range include the manufacturing of product labels and safety labels, which are used to identify potential risks involved in daily practice for companies.

Failure to create a working environment where employees are protected can lead to problems for businesses, including penalties, prosecution and closure.

A recycling firm based in Bolton was recently fined £2,000 plus £1,500 in legal fees after its health and safety failings led to a worker sustaining a serious injury.

J Doyle was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after inspectors identified several issues with its site, which contributed to the 51-year-old man's incident.

The Horwich resident was standing next to a forklift truck when a six-metre long beam slipped from the vehicle and fell on to his left leg.

HSE inspector Emily Osborne said: "The injuries suffered by J Doyle’s employee are still affecting him today, more than a year after the incident, and have caused him a considerable amount of pain."

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