Unilever looking to reduce environmental impact

10th July 2012 - Fine Cut

Consumer product firm Unilever is planning to improve their sustainability efforts via materials sourcing and encouraging new consumer behaviours in order to halve its environmental footprint, reports businessweek.com.

By 2020, Unilever hopes to help more than one billion improve their health, halve the environmental footprint of the making and use of its products and source 100 per cent of its agricultural raw materials sustainably.

At the moment, Unilever appears to be making significant progress towards their goals, especially when it comes to helping consumers reduce their energy and water usage through innovative packaging and printed label design, reports labelsandlabeling.com.

For example, director of global packaging sustainability at Unilever Louis Linderberg suggested implementing colour-changing thermochromic inks on packages used in the shower. The colours change based on heat build up, letting consumers know when to jump out of the shower in order to save water.

Kees Kruythoff, president of Unilever North America, commented on the changes: "At Unilever we are making sustainability a driver of growth. We have made it a part of our vision and executing it is at the heart of our strategy.

"We are finding that when you look at the normal business processes - product development, sourcing and manufacturing - through the lens of sustainability, it actually opens up a way for innovation and also cost reduction," he added.

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