The label industry has to go green to keep up

27th June 2011 - Fine Cut

The labels industry will be forced to 'go green' and become more sustainable as the world becomes more environmentally-friendly.

That's according to labelling expert, Danielle Jerschefske, writing for

She claimed: "More label buyers are asking printed how 'green' they are. Brands want to know what their suppliers are doing to support a 'greener' environment and what they can offer their demanding, ever-growing 'green' consumer population."

Jerschefske then added that companies need to "figure out what terms such as 'sustainable' and 'renewable' mean to their business, then learn to use 'green' business practices to embrace customer needs."

The expert went on to suggest companies take a look at investing in a proper environmental management system, obtaining the ISO 14001 standard for environmental awareness.

This is the best qualification for labelling companies, and according to, it will prove to consumers that the labels have been made in accordance with environmental regulations.

Jerschefske concluded by giving label producers one last word of advice, stating: "Establish a 'green' identity as part of your branding strategy.

"Your environmental position should be clear and transparent. Consumers, customers and employees should all know what you do to be 'green', and how you enforce the company standards."

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