Tesco's label highlights healthy products

16th August 2010 - Fine Cut

Supermarket giant Tesco is introducing new labels to 700 healthy products among its own brand food ranges.

The supermarket has said that their product labels will now display a logo that clearly highlights the food's nutritional benefit. The new labelling system will indicate whether the product is '1 of 5 a day' or 'low in salt' for example.

The roundel design is expected to complement Tesco's packaging with the design thought to be silver or black on the Tesco Finest range, green on Tesco's standard ranges and blue on the supermarkets value products.

More than 200 of the supermarket's other products such as wholegrain cereals, reduced fat cheeses and fibre-rich pasta will also carry a new 'wave' logo. The logo will be used to draw consumer's attention to products that comply with strict nutritional guidelines for fat, saturates, salt and sugar.

Tesco marketing director Carolyn Bradley, told Packaging News that the aim of the new labels was to make it as easy as possible for customers to see healthy options at a glance.

"The clear and simple design stands out on shelf and acts as a flag for customers immediately telling them whether a product has a health benefit or if it is one of the healthier products in our range," she said.

Tesco recently committed to putting carbon foot print labels on their products. The labels indicate to customers how many grams of carbon or equivalent greenhouse gases were emitted in the growing, manufacturing, transporting and storing of a product.

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