Tesco moves alcohol units to front of product labels

27th May 2010 - Fine Cut

UK supermarket giant Tesco announced last week that it would be moving alcohol unit information from the back of product labels to the front to "help consumers make responsible decisions about drinking."

Tesco's announcements are believed to be part of the retailers pans to support the new coalition government and the long-awaited measures on alcohol control. It has already announced that it will support the proposed ban on the sale of alcohol at a below-cost prices and says that the labelling measure are one part of a wider plan to tackle anti social and unhealthy drinking.

The new labels will only appear on Tesco's own-brand products. However, the supermarket has said that it would work with branded alcohol supplies to make front-of-pack alcohol unit information the industry standard.

Product labels for alcohol products are currently regulated by a voluntary agreement that has been in place since 2007. However, the previous government had suggested that new legislation could require all alcohol products to carry an on-pack health warning. Labels with this information would then be mandatory across all products, in line with similar regulations for cigarette packets.

Tesco's executive director for corporate and legal affairs, Lucy Neville-Rolfe, said: "We acknowledge that our own sales of alcohol might be impacted but if these measures have the desired effect of helping to reduce harmful drinking then it will be worth it."

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