Supplement users 'are influenced by labelling'

29th October 2013 - Fine Cut
Supplement users 'are influenced by labelling'

Individuals who take daily supplements as part of their health regime are particularly influenced by labelling on the products that specify the vitamins are free of banned substances.

A new study published in Nutrition Journal revealed nearly 70 per cent of respondents who regularly purchase the items pay close attention to information printed on the side, which specifies the ingredients.

The findings, which were published by, pointed to shortcomings in current labelling practices for supplements and suggested that companies in the packaging sector should improve label and non-label information, as well as communication around their products.

Researchers found that just over 50 per cent of individuals involved in the survey associated the quality of the nutritional supplement with the information on the label. On top of this, 40 per cent were strongly influenced by ingredients that are listed on labels.

In addition, brand names, warnings, recommended dosages and claims were of great importance when it came to purchasing decisions among consumers.

Health supplement companies are likely to be heavily influenced by the findings, which reflect the importance of clear and accurate labelling in all industries.

The study's authors said the conclusions are of great relevance because they show the information that applies to people who purchase nutritional supplement and those who base their decision on container label data.

"The absence of specific information with reference to 'free of banned substances' is an important determinant in the purchase of nutritional supplement products," the findings added.

By law, supplement manufacturers are required to follow current good practices to ensure the products are processed, labelled and packaged consistently. Once the product is on the market, regulators monitor product information to make sure members of the public are provided with everything they need to know about the ingredients.

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