Spirit producers pledge to promote responsible drinking

17th November 2010 - Fine Cut

Europe's spirits producers have pledged to step up their efforts to demonstrate their commitment to the promotion of responsible drinking.

The European Spirits Organisation (CEPS) has published more than a dozen commitments which will be undertaken by its members across the EU by 2015. The new commitments are aimed at reducing "alcohol-related harm across Europe," Marketing Week reports.

Pledges that form part of Europe's road map include putting responsible drinking messages on all product labels, which will feature a link "wherever possible" to national consumer information websites. Plans also include the implementation of a minimum of two new awareness and education programmes in each country which will cover issues ranging from alcohol, to pregnancy, to drink driving and alcohol and youth.

According to CEPS, the programmes will need to be bigger and better than they have been before in addition to being nationwide, sustained for at least three years and independently evaluated.

Stefano Fresi, chairman of the CEPS alcohol and society committee and director of Bacardi-Martini's external affairs, told Harpers Wine & Spirit:  "Our industry has been a leading force in the promotion of responsible alcohol consumption since 2005, when the first CEPS Charter was adopted. We have made enormous achievements since then, so with this road map we want to raise the bar even higher."

"This extensive new commitment puts our sector at the forefront of industry action for responsible drinking. The road map takes a targeted approach, addressing specific types of alcohol misuse. This is underpinned by clear evidence that tackling misuse effectively requires tailored interventions, not blanket restrictions, which mostly impact moderate drinkers," he added.

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