Similar product labels confusing customers, study finds

22nd April 2013 - Fine Cut

New research has found that 'copycat' packaging is confusing consumers, according to

The data, collected by Consumers' Association Which? has found that many customers are fooled into buying supermarkets own brands as their labels look too similar to that of the 'real deal'.

This is despite the fact that there are tight trademark and copyright laws in the UK, as well as some high-profile cases on the topic already in the courts. According to the study, 20 per cent of customers have been duped by the similar packaging.

According to reports, some packaging between own-brand and 'official' products are only slightly similar, however others are almost identical. The study involved looking at a total of 150 supermarket brands compared to similar branded rival products.

Talking about the results, a spokesperson from Which? told "Some own-brands walk a fine line been suggesting a similarity with an established brand and confusing consumers to the point where they end up buying the wrong item by accident."

They continued: "We're calling on retailers to make sure people are under no illusions about what they are buying and not leave so many consumers feeling they have been misled."

Products which were said to confuse customers included Aldi's Norpak spreadable butter - similar to established butter brand Lurpak.

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