Shoppers will buy more ethically sound groceries

14th September 2010 - Fine Cut

Food and drink products with industrial labels which display their ethical credentials are going to become more popular with consumers.

As reported by Talking Retail, half of shoppers across four European countries said they expect to buy more food and grocery products with ethical credentials in the future. That's according to consumer research published by IGD.

Ethical foods topped the list, followed by a quarter of people who said they'd be buying more Fairtrade and animal welfare goods, followed by organic which would be supported by a fifth of shoppers.

Furthermore, more Brits think they'll buy more local and regional produce than shoppers in France, Germany and Spain.

"Shoppers respond to the list of ethical issues in different ways," said Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive of IGD. "Only 7% are interested in almost every ethical consideration relating to food. The majority focus on a smaller number of issues individual to them."

In fact, only 9% of British shoppers thought they'd buy more organic groceries in the future.

Ms Denney-Finch continued: "For grocery businesses across Europe this presents a big challenge and a huge opportunity. The industry is continuing to invest in both ethical products and sustainable ways of working. This shopper research suggests their efforts will not go unrewarded."

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