Rugby fan uses Millennium Stadium engraving to propose

21st June 2012 - Fine Cut

A pair of Cardiff University students are set to wed after a proposal involving an engraving at Wales' Millennium Stadium.

Rugby fan Mark Roberts admitted to that until he met his fiancée Abbie Cockerill she had never been to a rugby game, but since seeing Wales versus England in 2008 she has become a regular at the Cardiff stadium.

Mr Roberts told her he had bought a granite slab at the stadium, but suggested the precision engraving featured a birthday message - only to get down on one knee next to it, with the text reading: "Marry me Abbie, Love Mark."

He said: "I told her it was for her birthday. She wasn't expecting the proposal at all and just expected it to say 'happy birthday'. (When she saw it) there were a lot of: 'Oh my gods' and 'is this happening?'" reported that the stone slab is found on the wall on Legend's Walk, which was set up by the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) to help remember the best players and supporters to grace the game.

Commenting after the proposal took place, WRU communications director John Williams remarked how the Millennium Stadium is important to people for all sorts of reasons - not just as the home of Welsh ruby.

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