QR codes used on ballot papers

15th May 2014 - Fine Cut
QR codes used on ballot papers

Here at Fine Cut, we are all for innovative use of QR codes, which is why many of our customers might request to have them printed onto everything from labels through to metal nameplates. 

They are fantastic as a quick way of delivering a potentially great deal of information in a short space of time, without needing to print heaps of small print onto an item.

Now, it would appear QR codes are making their mark in politics, after YOURvoice has become the first political party to use the devices on ballot papers, according to the Basingstoke Gazette. Campaigners have used the codes in a bid to help voters in the European elections, which will be taking place next Thursday (May 22nd), to make what the party is calling "informed" decisions.

Those who have a smartphone will be able to scan the graphic, which will then take them through to the party's website, provided their phone is connected to the internet.

Rachel Ling, a south-east candidate for the constituency, told the BBC this was in a bid to "improve access and reduce barriers between YOURvoice and voters".

By so doing, they will be able to deliver far more information than they would otherwise be able to do in such a small surface area of ballot paper space.

In other news concerning the innovative use of QR codes, it has been reported that pizza chain Papa John's is using the graphics in order to gather customer feedback.

As part of the initiative that was launched in the UK at the end of last month, people are now able to share their thoughts on their pizza delivery, as the box in which the food comes will boast a QR code for the consumer to scan. Alternatively, clients will be able to share their thoughts by sending a text.

With so many individuals owning a smartphone nowadays, it seems logical to capitalise on this fact by incorporating smartphone marketing and advertising strategies in this way. 

If you would like to discuss how you could use QR codes on your labels or nameplates, give our expert team a call today.

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