Putney pavement engraved to mark Diamond Jubilee

01st June 2012 - Fine Cut

The residents of Putney have commemorated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a unique engraving on a local pavement.

To celebrate the Queen passing through the town soon, those living in Feasting Road have agreed to stump up nearly £400 to have a paving slab engraved. According to swlondoner.co.uk, the slab reads: 'Happy and Glorious Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee 2012'.

It is the second time local residents have paid for a precision engraving on their pavement. There is also a slab dedicated to the creator of famous cartoon character 'Mr Benn' David McKee, who used to live in Festing Road.

Hugh Thompson, who has lived in the street for over 35 years, has argued that more communities should stump up the cash to decorate their pavements in this way.

Speaking to yourlocalguardian.co.uk, he said: "Why should pavements be dull places, just for walking on? These pieces of street art can celebrate one-off events or lasting legacies but ultimately they could become a grand tapestry of stories celebrating the history of where we live.

"With the Olympics around the corner, I'd like to see paving stones across London commemorating that."

The Queen will pass through Putney on a boat as part of her grand river pageant on Sunday June 3rd.

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