Peel-off clothing labels would be better, UKFT believes

18th March 2013 - Fine Cut

Peel-off clothing labels would be much better than those used currently, which are sewn into the lining of garments.

That's according to the UK Fashion and and Textile Association (UKFT), which is currently lobbying the European Commission for such a change. It has even told the Commission it will spearhead the change itself, independently - unless the Commission tells the body such a move would be unlawful.

Behind the proposed change is an objection to a newly-passed directive from the European Union, which will make EU clothing manufacturers to display information on a garment in up to 23 different languages - all on one label. The directive is entitled 'Textile Fibre Names and Related Labelling and Marking of the Fibre Composition of Textile Products' and will become law in 2014.

A report from claims clothing labels are already at risk of irritating people's skin (as they're constructed from man-made fibres) and can often be seen through clothing, thanks to their already-large size. It believes this situation would get worse once the longer labels are introduced.

Someone else who isn't impressed by the move is Roger Helmer, a member of the European Parliament (MEP). With regard to the rising number of languages being adopted by clothing labels, he asked: "Where do you stop? The whole thing just becomes silly." He implied that there will always be someone who wants their language added and doesn't know how the EU will decide where to stop.

It could be that the number 23 has been chosen as there are 23 official languages within the European Economic Area (EEA1), reports; whether the EU will start picking up any unofficial languages or dialects within clothing labels remains to be seen.

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