Northern Ireland farmers say retail packaging needs to be correct

24th January 2013 - Fine Cut

Beef farmers from Northern Ireland have said that all packaging needs to be exactly correct.

The statement comes after it was revealed last week that many supermarket beef burgers contained up to 30 per cent horsemeat. The farmers say that retailers need to make sure no product information is skipped on labels.

Hamish McBean, chairman of the National Beef Association, told "If a high proportion of horsemeat can find its way into a beef burger, who is to say what else might happen on packing lines used by companies that process cattle from more than one country and sell a range of products containing a wide variety of cuts take from different parts of a carcass."

Mr McBean also voiced his displease at the fact that Irish beef is usually discounted to that of other UK beef, due to the confusion whether it has a British or Irish identity.

He said he felt that the "strenuous efforts" of Irish farmers are not being properly rewarded.  

Customers have been advised by beef farmers that they need to look for Red Tractor logos on labels, which will show the origin and provenance of the meat.

However, some stores, such as Sainsbury's, have recently removed the Red Tractor label from their meat, according to

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