New labels created for auto-injection pens

23rd May 2011 - Fine Cut

New product labels could revolutionise the way self-medicating, auto-injecting goods are packaged.

Auto-injectors and 'pens' are used for people with diabetes, allergies and other such illnesses.

As with any other form of medication, they need to be properly sealed so the users are certain their product is sterile and effective.

As a result, pen has been designed which has a perforated label in such a place - to ensure that the pen has not previously been opened then re-sealed. It also includes a blank window so the user can manually look through to see the fill level of the drugs inside.

To ensure accuracy and safety when using the pen, it has also been made from a non-slip material and designed to fit snugly around the plastic design of the pen.

President of the research team behind the team, Gene Dul, told Packaging Europe about the development. He said: "With a focus on safety and comfort, we have created a unique solution that can be customised to suit various injection systems."

"The self-medication market is growing rapidly and this product will help improve patient safety on several levels."

This development could make the keeping and administering of such drugs much safer and easier, something that food allergy experts such as Jennifer Darr would welcome. Darr told Health Canal about the worries parents face when sending a child who may need to use such devices to school every morning.

"Navigating food allergies in a non-allergic world is a huge challenge," she said. "The first day of school is a major milestone. With proper preparation, however, parents can let their children venture out on their own reassured that the school will provide a safe environment."

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