National Memorial Arboretum engraving honours fallen soldiers of 2011

23rd April 2012 - Fine Cut

The latest part of an engraving project at the National Memorial Arboretum started on Monday morning (April 23rd) at 09:30. reported that the names going up on the memorial will be all of those members of the Armed Forces who lost their lives during 2011. The Staffordshire monument aims to remember all of those soldiers who have died on duty since 1948.

The fallen servicemen and women going up on the memorial are the latest of hundreds to have been added to the landmark in the past four years, but the arboretum aims to honour the memory of all 16,000 people who have died on duty.

According to, 59 names are due to be engraved this year, close to half of the 112 that had to be put up last year to remember those who died in 2010.

The work is set to take a matter of weeks to complete and the soldiers will be included in a special service for families, which is expected to take place in September.

Of the 59 who died in 2011, 58 of them were men - Captain Lisa Jade Head of 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment is the only female on the list.

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