National Farmers Union encourages customers to highlight poor labelling

15th October 2012 - Fine Cut

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has launched a campaign to make sure all food and drink labels measure up to industry standard, reports.

It has asked the public to upload photos of any instances of poor labelling they spot, to Facebook, as part of its 'Flag It' campaign. Doing this will prompt the NFU to contact the retailer; letting them know that their packaging is unclear and ask for it to be changed.

The Union has already worked with Tesco on the issue - which saw the supermarket change the label of its 'Everyday Value' cheddar cheese to make it clearer. This came after research revealed that 83 per cent of adults are confused about the labelling on milk in cheese and butter.

Tom Hind, director of corporate affairs at NFU, told "While genuine improvements have been made in labelling over the past few years, there are still examples where labels on many products are not clear and can confuse consumers into thinking that they are buying British produce when they are not."

He added that the aim of the 'Flag It' campaign was to get as many retailers as possible to ensure that their labelling is 'crystal clear' - especially on their own brands - so that customers know exactly what they're getting.

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