Nameplates for veterans and soldiers

04th May 2010 - Fine Cut

Lives which have been lost in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq are being remembered with nameplates and precision engraving which loved ones are investing in, in memory of their friends and family who have fought.

Marine Knapman lost his best friend in Afghanistan on Christmas Eve two years ago and decided to get a nameplate engraved on a log in his garden on the anniversary of his death in respect of his friend. This soldier is just one of thousands of lives lost during the wars British soldiers have faced and engraving has become more popular to keep a solid memory of them.

A memorial which was first thought up in the late 1980s is now nearly completed, but those promoting the project want the public to know that the memorial, just like honouring veterans, is an ongoing endeavour.

A project to honour Mower County's veterans in the US at the veteran's memorial - with pavers recognising those who served, is almost finished. The project finally began on Veteran's Day last year and saw people able to engrave their loved ones names into paves to create a statue. About 250 pavers have been sold so far and if the committee is to dedicate the statue on Memorial Day as once planned, they'll need to double that number. About 600 paves need to be sold to pay for the main statue that will be in place at the memorial. There's currently room for more than 1,056 paves.

Norm Hecimovich, a member of the veteran's committee, said it’s important to honour all the veterans for their services to their country and our freedoms: “It’s something that I feel that it’s important for us to have.” He said.

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