Morissons re-branding 17,000 products

27th October 2011 - Fine Cut

Morrisons is preparing to re-brand 17,000 product labels in what is one of the biggest design briefs of the year, reports Packaging News.

The supermarket is following in the footsteps of other retailers who are all reported to have seen a marked interest in their own brand products.

Morrisons has tasked design experts Coley Porter Bell with the challenge which will also build on the strengths of the supermarket's corporate values. Such values include selling the freshness and quality of its goods as well as promoting the knowledge of its staff.

Britain's second-largest food manufacturer also wants to get across the fact that it has more qualified butchers and bakers in store than any of its rivals. As a result of this, customers can expect to see hand-drawn typography and thorough imagery throughout in-store product labels.

Coley Porter Bell's chief executive Vicky Bullen described the challenge as "immense" - strategically, creatively and in its execution.

"But it is also a unique brief because it is rare for a large retailer to consider their entire portfolio at once," she says, according to The Drum.

"It has allowed Morrisons to do fascinating, category defining marketing and it has allowed us to give their own-label a visual and strategic coherence that will help sales better reflect the quality of their products," Ms Bullen added.

Customers can expect to see the new product labels rolling out over the next 18 months.

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