Mobile barcode rail tickets to be developed

21st May 2010 - Fine Cut

Ticketing technology is set to be revolutionised with the announcement that has enlisted the help of barcode experts Masabi, to create an innovative mobile ticket service.

Whilst not completely replacing traditional paper tickets, this new service is designed to reduce queues at train stations, improve customer satisfaction and reduce the amount of paper being used by train operators.

Barcode labels will be displayed on users handsets after they have purchased a train ticket using their mobile phone. Tickets can be purchased via the mobile ticketing scheme for any National Rail network. Designed to work with standard SMS or data connections, report that rail customers will be able to utilise the scheme, even if they don't own the latest in mobile technology.

Standard barcodes were formulated after Masabi conducted trials in late 2008 across the UK's rail network. Ticket inspectors and station gates can then simply scan the barcode to check that customers have purchased the correct ticket, eliminating the use of paper altogether.

The Register reports that train companies are likely to be highly positive about the idea, which will save them money by negating the need for ticket booths and machines. Rail passengers are also set to be optimistic about such developments which will surely ease traffic at train stations all over the UK.

It is anticipated that the mobile ticketing service will be launched later this year, after undergoing final testing procedures.



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