Mars to use product labels to communicate values

03rd October 2011 - Fine Cut

Multinational confectionary firm Mars has revealed it will use custom labels to tell consumers about its brand values and what the company is doing in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Paul Michaels, chief executive of the organisation, explained to WARC that the packaging is part of a wider strategy that has included a redesign of its website and investment in health-led education programmes.

He stressed that Mars aims to minimise its environmental impacts and create lasting social benefits, but accepted that it is not fully succeeding in all areas.

Mr Michaels described how the state of the sector means there is an expectation to share quality and values, adding: "We have always been active in communicating about our products, but historically did not feel the need to say much about our company."

The main focus for Mars food labels will be to highlight nutritional information, but full Mars campaign is based around the five core operating principles of quality, freedom, responsibility, mutuality and efficiency.

Issues of how best to communicate with customers were high on the agenda in Brussels last weekend, as LabelExpo 2011 took place, reported Packaging Europe.

Speaking to the news portal, senior vice president of UPM Raflatac Tapio Kolunsarka noted that issues such as brand protection, sustainability, security and production efficiency must all be taken into account when choosing labels.

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