Lambrini to revolutionise its packaging labels

21st July 2011 - Fine Cut

Budget wine brand Lambrini is the latest to revolutionise its product labels.

Lambrini, owned by independent UK-based drinks manufacturer Halewood, has chosen to use a new pressure sensitive label to replace its traditional paper one, thereby cutting down on the brand's reliance on wet glue.

The move followed a successful trial with Halewood's less successful brands, Red Square and Crabby's ginger beer. It is now set to be rolled out on all of the 40 million bottles of Lambrini sold in the UK every year.

It has also been claimed that the new clear label will give the bottle a more contemporary feel and a much greater impact on passing shoppers.

Speaking to of the design change, Lambrini brand manager Sue Beck explained: "The new PS label is much brighter and cleaner - it allowed us to move the Lambrini design on in a way which wasn't possible with paper labels.

Adding, Beck told The quality of the print means that we don't lose any standout on shelf; we've had numerous comments from customers who are really pleased with how the brand now looks."

Since it formed in Yorkshire thirty years ago, Halewood International has become the UK's largest independent drinks manufacturer with 1,500 people in its employ and a turnover in excess of £174 million.

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