Labelling 'needs to be used effectively' for biocide products

19th September 2014 - Fine Cut
Labelling 'needs to be used effectively' for biocide products

There has been a call for effective labelling to be rolled out among the biocide industry in Sweden.

Speaking at the recent Akademie Fresenius biocides conference, Margareta Daho from the Swedish Chemicals Agency (Kemi) stressed the importance of labels being clear to understand, because at the moment this is not the case, Chemical Watch reports.

Kemi has started undertaking some research to ascertain whether or not firms know about the relevant treated articles provisions in relation to biocidal products regulation (BRP).

In addition to this, 14 countries have or are planning to initiate inspections to see if the BRP rules are being adhered to. 

As things stand, Ms Daho claimed awareness of labelling provision is insufficient across the board among retailers, importers and manufacturers throughout the country. The initial part of the inspection has revealed how the industry desperately needs some direction to raise its standards. 

Importers and producers necessitate additional teaching on what the BPR dictates, how to suitably declare any chemical risks on labels and information on the sustainability aspect when using biocides. 

Ms Daho revealed she and her team discovered some treated articles, despite the fact it is improbable that a customer asked for this. She highlighted underwear with silver compounds, or T-shirts where the treatment made no difference to its odour resistance. 

"Suppliers further down [the supply chain] would need information about the 45-day answering time for information request from customers, and we also need to inform the customers about the labels, so they understand how to use them," she said. 

The project will run until the end of the year. Towards the end of 2016, attention will be targeted on seeking out articles that potentially should not be on the market. 

When it comes to poisonous substances such as biocides, you can never be too careful with health and safety, which is why clear labels are so important on such products. 

Posted by Simon Tourle

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