Labelling for the older generation

21st March 2014 - Fine Cut
Labelling for the older generation

When it comes to designing labels, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into account. From what material does it need to be made? What adhesive element should be used? What finish should it have?

One factor that is arguably one of the most important, however, is who is going to be consuming that label and whether or not it is going to suitable for those readers. 

When it comes to elder members of the population, you might consider, for example, making the writing that extra bit bigger, for those who may have problems with their sight.

A new survey has revealed that, when it comes to clearly displaying information on food nutrition labels, North American manufacturers are standing head and shoulders above the global crowd. The Nielsen Global Survey About Aging found that 53 per cent of North American retailers and product manufacturers are meeting older consumers' needs when it comes to this aspect of label designs.

Aside from labels, 52 per cent were shown to be providing the right kinds of foods to meet this demographic's dietary needs and 38 per cent met the requirements for handicapped bathrooms, while the same was true for 37 per cent when it came to specialised access, such as ramps and doors. 

Senior vice-president of consumer and shopper insights at Nielsen Todd Hale explained: "Improvements such as using larger fonts on product labels and signage [...] can go a long way in building loyal patronage."

He also explained how other considerations, such as ensuring age-specific products are located in the same place and easily accessible at arm's length, can make a big difference. 

The survey highlighted how half of the respondents around the world said they found it difficult to find product labels that were easy to read, suggesting that UK manufacturers could learn a lesson or two from their friends across the pond.

If you would like any advice about how best to go about designing a label to target the elder generation, experts at Fine Cut will be able to chat through best practice with you and come up with a solution to meet your requirements.

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