Labelling could help consumers support British farmers

09th January 2012 - Fine Cut

Consumers are in favour of new guidelines on meat labelling as it supports a broader strategy, it has been claimed.

Sue Davies, chief policy adviser at Which?, made her comments at the recent Oxford Farming Conference at which the topic of British pork distribution was a key issue, according to

She claimed research shows that 72 per cent of consumers are in favour of country of origin labelling (COOL) on such products and the reason for this support of custom labels is down to their keenness to back domestic farms.

"People think it's very important that there is origin labelling on meat, and the main reason is because people want to support British farmers," said Ms Davies.

Elsewhere at the conference, National Farmers Union vice-president Meurig Raymond showed he was keen for more people to adopt this attitude. He called on British retail consumers to choose domestically reared meat over imports, citing research suggesting 58 per cent of pig meat is imported. this week confirmed that the global deadline regarding presentations on COOL to a World Trade Organisation dispute settlement panel will be extended, following joint requests by the US, Mexico and Canada.

The process was initiated to negotiate requirements on what COOL should entail globally. Presentations will now be due by March 23rd 2012.

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