Labelling campaign launched by cheddar lovers

13th August 2010 - Fine Cut

A new campaign encouraging cheddar-loving Britons to check the printed labels found on blocks of cheese, has been launched.

The British Cheese Board has launched a campaign backed by top chef Gary Rhodes which encourages shoppers to study labels more closely to determine whether the cheese they are buying is British or not.

The results of a survey found that 76 per cent of people wanted to know where their cheese came from and 51 per cent wanted to buy British.

The campaign aims to highlight the fact that if consumers are given the choice about the origin of their cheese, it could boost producers such as Milk Link who produce Tickler and Dairy Crest at a creamery at Davidstow in Cornwall.

Nigel White, secretary of the British Cheese Board, told This is Somerset: "This isn't a plea from us to buy British. It is a plea for choice and accurate labelling. One third of Cheddar is imported and we know from research that people aren't aware and that they want to buy British products.

"Ninety Eight per cent of British household buy cheese, much of it Cheddar. Our Cheddar is the best in the world, but contrary to popular belief, Cheddar is not always made in Britain, even though it was invented here. Knowing where dairy products are from is as important to the public as knowing the source of their meat," he added.

Consumers are encouraged to support the British Cheese Board's campaign for the better labelling of cheese products, by becoming a fan of British Cheese on Facebook.

"It's great to see the affection that people hold for British cheese. Food labelling is not just about food miles, it's about quality and taste, something that British cheese has in abundance," added Mr Rhodes.

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