Joint partnership to address pharma quality systems

24th March 2014 - Fine Cut
Joint partnership to address pharma quality systems

An independent consulting firm specialising in pharmaceutical counselling, Oxo Pharma, and engineering consultants Altran are teaming up to address quality systems within the pharmaceutical industry.

The idea behind the partnership is to tackle the key problem of the level of error there can be when it comes to documenting information. 

It is hoped this can be overcome by simplifying the system as much as possible, which is inherently complicated in that it constantly needs to be updated.

The companies will be aiming for an improvement in the Overall Document Efficiency - also referred to as ODE - rates of between 15 and 85 per cent, with the former figure the most common level that is currently attained. Oxo Pharma and Altran will also be looking to simplify the documentation system by around 30 per cent, which should result in 50 per cent fewer errors.

Following a successful trial period, a marketing development plan has been launched in Europe, with a view to potentially extending this to the US. 

It is also thought that, should the plan prove successful, it could be extended beyond the pharmaceutical industry.

According to an official statement concerning the project, quality is the one of the main expenditures for laboratories working in the sector. Furthermore, a great number of employees working in such companies are tasked with safeguarding this aspect of operations, with quality estimated to make up around two-fifths of the entire workforce at a production plant.

This only serves to highlight why ensuring this process is as simple and error-free as possible is of the utmost importance. It will also help to save money in the long-run, as less time and effort will need to be invested in this aspect of operations. 

The announcement follows recent news that public hospitals in Hong Kong are using barcodes to track surgical equipment, as the technology can be used to consolidate and simplify a vast wealth of data about where and how the items were last used.

If you wish to find out about how barcodes could be used to help you with any documentation or tracking operations, give us a call today.

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