Industrial labels to show products made with wind power

02nd February 2011 - Fine Cut

For the first time corporations and products can display industrial labels to show they've been made with wind energy.

The WindMade label has been developed in response to a survey of over 25,000 consumers which found that the vast majority of people would prefer products made with wind energy, even if it costs more.

That's according to IBTimes UK, which reports that the industrial labels are the product of a collaboration between WWF, Bloomberg and PircewaterhouseCoopers.

Steve Sawyer, secretary general of the Global Wind Energy Council and interim CEO of WindMade was quoted by The Guardian as saying: "The private sector needs to step up and provide the solutions we need to respond to the global energy and climate crisis. With WindMade, we want to facilitate the change that the public demands."

In order to qualify for the industrial labels, companies must undertake a certification process. This verifies wind sources and technical details to reassure consumers the logo has been awarded fairly.

It's described by the organisation as: "The first global consumer label identifying the products and corporations made with wind energy."

An explanatory video from the WindMade organisation says: "To believe in wind is to believe in the future; a future where producing and consuming products can have less of an impact on environment. A future that is wind made. And while WindMade will be the first global label dedicated to a single renewable energy source, we imagine other renewable energy sources following our lead."

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