How traditional marketing can help your brand

11th November 2013 - Fine Cut
How traditional marketing can help your brand

The world of technology and the internet have opened doors for companies operating in a wide variety of industries in terms of how they conduct everyday operations and how they market their products and services.

Nowadays, promoting your brand is easier than ever before, as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have exactly the same tools as their larger counterparts when it comes to spreading your message on a global scale.

As technology experts increasingly advise firms to focus their attention on the internet when it comes to marketing, some companies would be forgiven for letting their traditional methods of promotion fall to the wayside.

However, is completely ignoring older methods of advertising a wise move for businesses in the digital age? Apparently not.

While online marketing through social media has revolutionised the manner in which companies promote themselves, it is important to have some traditional methods in place for the wider audience.

A strong identity

From day one, your business needs to have a strong identity that will set you apart from your rivals when attracting customers to your services. This is usually achieved with the creation of an eye-catching logo and an ongoing theme throughout all of your promotions.

At Fine Cut, we understand the importance of creating a company that is instantly recognisable from its logo or catchy motto. Our team of dedicated engineers are on hand to help you to do exactly that with our custom-printed label range.

We use extensive experience in the field with the best state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest quality products for our customers. This means we can print on almost every material, manufacturing vinyl labels, polycarbonate labels, mark resist PVC labels and PE labels that suit a variety of purposes.

Traditional marketing

Although a growing number of experts would advise companies to stray away from traditional marketing methods in favour of using the web, having a mixture of the two is recommended. Your social media campaign should be used to complement existing communications with clients, colleagues and customers.

It is important that your brand conveys its messages through major channels of promotion, while using websites such as Twitter and Facebook to interlace those ideas to further communicate them to the consumer.

Social media is a great way of directly communicating with consumers around the world, but should not become the be all and end all of your operations. Instead, this strategy should fit in with an already-existing public relations plan.

Additional methods

Although many new marketing tactics have emerged in recent years, it is important for companies to realise that not all of them are particularly effective for different types of businesses.

However, traditional marketing is alive and well, despite not reaching the same highs as digital and web promotion. Companies should take advantage of both areas if they want to emerge as a leader in their field.

Many traditional marketing opportunities have either completely disappeared or changed dramatically since the emergence of the internet. However, there are still things you can do to enjoy success in this area - sponsoring a local or regional event is a great way to spread your message and identify your brand as a helpful business.

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