Groundbreaking music player will launch next year

21st December 2010 - Fine Cut

A new technology is about to hit merchandise stands at concerts across the country which will allow the user to play music from a badge that they can clip onto their clothing.

As reported by BBC News, the portable player simply needs a pair of headphones to be plugged into it and the button will act like an mp3 player.

Called 'The Playbutton', the innovation will be filled with an album that can be paused, and skipped forwards or backwards.

Nick Dangerfield, the man behind the New York company that built The Playbutton, said he created it because people were tired of CDs but didn't find digital downloads satisfying.

He told BBC News just why he thinks it'll be popular with music fans: "I thought about giving a new use to digital files by putting them in a dedicated player. It's an iconic form that gives you the chance to show your affiliation. It shows that you've purchased the music, so it shows your support for the band."

The badges will feature custom labels of band logos or album artwork, that will allow music fans to proudly show off to the world what they're listening to.

When they are officially launched in February 2011 the music will be that of smaller, underground musicians, which is expected to give The Playbutton cult status when it hits the market.

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