Government mulls over calorie labelling on alcoholic beverages

04th February 2013 - Fine Cut

The government is considering working with manufacturers to put calorie counts on alcohol drinks, reports.

Currently, manufacturers and the government are in a voluntary agreement to post information on units of alcohol on labels - but the addition of calorie counts could appeal to people's concerns about putting on weight.

For example, a 175ml glass of wine has 130 calories while a pint of lager contains 250 calories - the equivalent to eating a slice of pizza. Furthermore, a bottle of white wine comes in at 555 calories, a gin and tonic contains 126 calories and a 25ml measure of spirits has more calories (56kcal) than the same amount of single cream.

Health minister Anna Soubry claimed the labels would mean drinkers, particularly pregnant women, could be better informed about the risks of drinking.

Responding to a parliamentary question, Ms Soubry commented: "The government is committed to improving the labelling of alcoholic drinks, which would help make people more aware of how much alcohol they are drinking, what the guidelines are and what the risks are, including for those who are pregnant.

"The Department has discussed the possible inclusion of calorie content on labels with representatives of the alcohol industry on a number of occasions," she added, cited by

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