Food produce to get new 'use-by' labels

01st March 2013 - Fine Cut

Pre-packaged food products could soon feature new 'use-by' labels on their packaging, according to

Instead of a date, the new smart labels would change colour to tell consumers whether food such as packaged ham or cheese is still safe to eat or not. The labels, which have been designed by British company Insignia Technologies, hope to stop the amount of food that is wasted. It is reported that a typical Brit discards of around £700 worth of edible food each year.

The technology, which will add 2p to any product they are used on, will work with produce that has been packaged in a modified atmosphere using carbon dioxide (CO2).

Professor Andrew Mills invented the technology whilst working at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow - spending five years to perfect the technology.

Talking about the label, he said it could be "huge" for the industry, telling "It is a huge development for consumers and for the food industry. It has got real potential."

Chief operating officer of Insignia Technologies, Stephen Currie, also added: "It's all systems go. I think it is fantastic. It is a real, genuine innovation for the food packaging sector.

As well as the UK, there has also been interest in the new labels from France and America.

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