Ever wanted to personalise your iPad or Kindle?

05th June 2014 - Fine Cut
Ever wanted to personalise your iPad or Kindle?

Nowadays, you'd struggle to get from dawn to dusk without seeing somebody with those ubiquitous white earphones in their ears. iPads, iPhones and iPods seem to be absolutely everywhere, with a great number of people now owning one - or even more than one! - of these devices.

Therefore, with so many of these devices around, it might feel like your prized possession is one in a million and doesn't stand out from the crowd. In order to remedy this situation, the obvious solution is to personalise your gadget in some way, but how should you go about this?

Well, you could buy a case boasting a pattern or design that you like, but this isn't a permanent solution. Furthermore, you could do a DIY job, perhaps with stickers or permanent markers. Needless to say, though, this may not look very professional and, when you've spent that much money on an mp3 player or smartphone, the last thing you want to be doing is defacing it!

At Fine Cut, our bespoke iTagged service is designed to personalise your cherished gadgets in just the way you want. With revolutionary technology and state-of-the-art equipment, you'd struggle to find someone who could do a better job of giving your device its own unique look.

You can choose between colourtagging your item, for which we digitally print ink onto the device in a design of your choosing, or alternatively we can laser tag it, which sees us use our amazing pieces of kit to engrave your item. 

You may wish to personalise your device for security reasons - perhaps with your name and number, in case you lose it - or you may simply fancy a particular image printed on it. We have a bank of stock images and designs for you to chose from, or if you would like to provide your own, then we can certainly accommodate this.

What gadgets will be personalise? Apple products as outlined above, Kindles, laptops, tablets and many more. Think you've got a gadget that we might not be able to work with? Give us a call - we always welcome the challenge and guarantee that we have the best possible equipment to deal with almost anything you could throw at us.

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