Engraving and embossing: A more permanent labelling solution?

25th April 2014 - Fine Cut
Engraving and embossing: A more permanent labelling solution?

There are various ways of marking products, with the application of the item largely determining which method should be used. 

For example, if the marking is going to be subject to harsh environments, such as extreme heat or chemicals, then the same sticky label that would be suitable for a carton of juice in a supermarket is unlikely to be adequate. 

As such, manufacturers are required to think long and hard about the materials of marking and labelling solutions, as well as the adhesive that will be used to attach it to the product.

However, in some cases, an adhesive label in any form will simply not suffice - no matter how super the glue is! This is where engraving and embossing solutions can provide a viable, durable solution. 

By actually marking the product itself, it is simply not possible for that information to be removed, as it becomes an integral part of the item.

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to opt for this more permanent option. For example, will the information be updated or need changing? Will the additional cost associated with engraving over labelling be offset by the durability of the solution and scale of your operations?

Difficult questions such as these are currently being put to the Bureau of Indian Standards. The Hindu recently reported that the organisation is seeking to overhaul the regulation of the electronic products industry by changing the marking requirements for certification tags needed to import products.

According to the news provider, the body is now demanding the certification statement labels on product packaging be screen-printed, embossed or engraved, as opposed to applied on stickers.

For the moment, many companies have sought to overturn the reform, saying it is "impractical" and outlining how it will be hard to roll out at such relatively short notice, with the change announced on March 25th this year, to be implemented by April 4th.

If you think that you might benefit from engraving and embossing, or if you would simply like to discuss whether or not your current labelling solution is the most suitable for your needs, give our expert team at Fine Cut a call today.

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