Engraved flag to be presented to Lithuanian Olympic squad

27th June 2012 - Fine Cut

The Lithuanian Olympic squad will be presented with a unique flag featuring engraved names of its supporters shortly before jetting off to London.

Experts will use specially designed lasers to engrave over a thousand names on to the memento. It is thought that the process will take over two days to complete. A major project like this has never before been attempted using laser engraving, but it is hoped that this attempt will be a raving success.

It generally takes under a minute to engrave something as short as someone's name using a laser. However, wophotonics.com reports those behind the project will have to be aware of the challenges associated with engraving thousands of names on such a fine surface - taking into account not just the time required, but the 100 per cent accuracy expected.

Gintautus Slekys, who is part of the team masterminding the project, has acknowledged the difficulty of the task he has been set.

Speaking to laserfocusworld.com, he said: "We should be grateful to the Lithuanian laser industry for the possibility of creating a national personalised flag.

"It resembles the task of moving a heap of sand to another place using only tweezers. The process requires great creativity, accuracy and precision. You also need to know how the laser affects fabric."

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