Electronic circuits printed on beer bottles

04th November 2011 - Fine Cut

The concept of digital labels has taken a significant conceptual step forward with the creation of labelling that features working electronic circuits, reports The Register.

Using this technology, a beer bottle has been created that lights up when a person touches it, but the firm behind the innovation used a normal printing process to apply it to the item.

The electronic circuits are printed on to biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), which senses the pressure created when the bottle is picked up.

According to the news provider, the technology is still at a prototype stage, but it has been suggested that the circuits could theoretically be used on anything.

Plastic Electronics revealed that the advances have been made as a result of a collaboration between PragmatIC and Innovia. Scott White, chief executive of PragmatIC, said that the first official BOPP release is likely to be a novelty product that people can keep, rather than a disposable bottle.

He remarked: "The label is the first in a series of things, and the prototype was a generic design to display openly. We would like to integrate the technology into real brand labels, which would be used to attract the consumer."

Among the other uses under discussion by the firm are decision circuits for pharmaceutical packaging and integrated timers for cooking items.

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