Electric cars require clear labels, SAE claims

28th December 2012 - Fine Cut

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has claimed that electric cars should come labelled with their voltage level, according to thegreencarwebsite.co.uk.

These labels would show emergency services teams what they're dealing with if they're called to a crash involving such a vehicle, SAE says. Otherwise, they may not know how to deal with the unique battery systems. The same goes for hybrid vehicles, the body believes.

Todd Mackintosh, the committee chairman for SAE, summed up the body's thoughts in a statement cited by torquenews.com. In it, he said: "As electric vehicles enter the marketplace in greater numbers, it's an appropriate time to recognise best practices that facilitate a safe response when these vehicles are in an accident."

These labels would have to be standardised across all vehicle makes and be highly-visible to those viewing the car, the SAE added. Labels should be on both sides of the vehicle and utilise a font large enough so that policemen/women, paramedics or firefighters can read them from 50 feet away - minimum.

Guides to accompany these labels and offering advice on what to do when approaching such an accident should be published too, the body said. Before this can happy though, a standard will need to be established regarding the safe removal of batteries from hybrid and electric vehicles, SAE concluded.

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