Drink pack design innovation influencing demand

06th August 2012 - Fine Cut

Demand continues to rise for innovative, original pack design on canned and bottled beverages, reports packagingnews.co.uk.

Euromonitor International, a market research firm, found that global retail demand for soft drinks is set to explode, increasing by a further 6 per cent between 2012 and 2016, cites blog.euromonitor.com.

Innovation in packaging, from interesting graphic overlays to funky bottle design, is influencing consumer purchases. Innovation is sizing amongst less dynamic beverage end-uses like carbonates is 'evident', according to the firm's global head of packaging Rosemarie Downey.

Coca-Cola's 300ml bottle, launched in China, is the perfect example, she claims. The packaging proved to be ideal for 'on-the-go-consumption amongst the fast-growing number of urban consumers in China', as well as being an easy to carry portable pack solution.

Downey also believes that Coors Light have struck gold with their use of thermochromic inks.

She commented further on the research: "Innovation in pack size and pack design will continue as a means to attract consumers, Alongside pack shaping, pack size, closure type and design, the use of thermochromic inks is yet another area of development witnessed in beverages.

"The Coors beer brand has been active in using thermochromic inks on beverage cans, glass bottles and multipacks as an indicator to consumers for when the beer is cold enough to drink," she added.

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