Digital printing 'growing in popularity'

14th November 2013 - Fine Cut
Digital printing 'growing in popularity'

A growing number of businesses are beginning to realise the benefits that digital labels could have on their operations, as this quick and effective method is increasingly used for a whole manner of purposes.

Employees working in a variety of roles - from branding to packaging - are hearing more about this method of printing, which is only just beginning to infiltrate the market and demonstrate its full potential for advertising.

No campaign gave digital printing more publicity than the Coca-Cola's recent 'Share a Coke' initiative - and this strategy provides the perfect success story to demonstrate the potential of digital printing for business.

As part of the scheme, which originated in Australia and came to Britain during the summer months, both 375ml and 500ml bottles of the fizzy drink featured 250 of the most common first names from around the world in multiple different languages.

Not only did the campaign demonstrate the efficacy of digital printing, it also sparked a social media frenzy, as consumers snapped photographs of their bottles if they featured the name of their friends or family members.

Printing experts argued the Coca-Cola advertising strategy demonstrated how useful digital printing is for promoting consumer interaction with a brand, through the personalisation of packaging and easy integration with online campaigns.

Ron Romanik, contributing editor of Packaging World, said this method allows businesses to use specialised and frequently updated labels in their operations, so is becoming essential for a new influx of niche companies.

At Fine Cut, we offer one of the most advanced digital print facilities in the country and offer products created using several digital printers - including state-of-the-art UV flatbed with a full colour management system.

The Fine Cut Digital Print Process allows the manufacture of on-demand digital labels and overlay printing of the highest quality. Not only that, companies can take advantage of the added luxury of variable data serial numbering and barcode inclusion.

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