Consumers more likely to buy product with 3D label

27th January 2011 - Fine Cut

Research has shown that consumers are more likely to invest in a product if it bears a 3D label, reported The Retail Bulletin.

A study was undertaken by an independent technology firm, which saw participants faced with one bottle of shampoo with a regular label, one bottle of shampoo made by the same brand but with a 3D label, and a further bottle from a different brand, again with a regular label.

Those taking part were asked to confirm which they would most like to purchase, with 50 per cent more choosing the 3D label over the regular labels.

The executive vice president behind the analysis, Tom Englund, said: "This was an important subject for research, as the results showed whether or not the label on a bottle really makes an impact on consumer purchasing behaviour."

"3D labels must be studied in a real-life environment, to study the power of the label," he told

Results from the study confirmed that the bottle with the 3D label was 'purchased' 86 per cent more, realising an increase in sales of 90 per cent for the manufacturer - with only one participant admitting to buying from that brand previously.

"This study not only shows that [a] 3D label creates impact on the buying behaviour of the consumer, but also gives the brand owner unique knowledge of what the central role of a 3D label is when re-launching a brand design. The amount of attention and interest the new label created has even surpassed my expectations," said Fredrik Blonquist, one of the professionals who worked on the study.

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