Consumer expert highlights importance of digital print labelling

21st January 2013 - Fine Cut

Consumer expert Mike Ferrari has talked about the importance of packaging for businesses.

Mr Ferrari, who used to work for consumer product company Proctor and Gamble, said that digital printing can help brands stay relevant and connect with their customers. 

One example of a company which has embraced the power of labels and packaging, according to Mr Ferrari, is Coca-Cola. He said that the drinks giant has managed to stay relevant by constantly updating its labels to coincide with events such as the Olympics and seasonal holidays.

He also mentioned an offer which saw the manufacturer producing personalised bottles with consumers' names on, saying that this managed to provide a "one-to-one relationship with consumers through digitally printed shrink sleeves".

Talking about the company, Mr Ferrari told "Worldwide Coca-Cola revenue growth has gone from $30.99 billion (£19.4 billion) in 2009, to $46.5 billion (£29 billion) in 2011 and is on track to exceed this in 2012. All this has occurred through marketing campaigns enabled through packaging."

Coca-Cola's success with consumers was well-supported, with media outlets such as reporting last year that the company had become the first brand to hit 50 million 'likes' on Facebook.

Mr Ferrari also talked about the importance of print quality when it comes to packaging, saying labels should feature well-executed graphics and that the label itself should carry a consistent colour quality, with a high resolution.

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