Coca-Cola ad campaign boosts profile for digital labels

30th July 2013 - Fine Cut
Coca-Cola ad campaign boosts profile for digital labels

Consumers across Europe were treated to a brand new advertising campaign from soft drinks giant Coca-Cola last month - and the popular scheme has helped to raise the profile of digital label printing.

As part of the project, the brand's famous swoosh graphic featuring red and white colouring was replaced with one of the 150 most popular first names in the country. This "Share a Coke With..." campaign has proved incredibly popular among members of the public.

On top of this, the scheme has helped to boost the presence of digital label printing, with HP Indigo WS6600s used as the printer of choice for the labels.

The campaign also saw the setting up of special kiosks across Europe, which allowed consumers to personalise their own Coca-Cola bottles, while social media also played an important role in raising the profile of the project.

Facebook users were given the chance to create a virtual can of their favourite soft drink to share with a special someone, as well as looking for their own names on bottles in stores across the country.

According to an article by My Print Resource, the "Share a Coke With..." campaign not only excited members of the public with its personal touches, but it was also a milestone for the printing world - as it was the biggest colour digital label print job of all time.

The labels were originally printed on gravure or flexo presses, then a blank panel and a re-registration mark was left in order to allow room for overprinting by the HP Indigo.

Experts claimed the process required complex management and cooperation among its eight converters spread through Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Romania and Austria.

With Coca-Cola likely to expand its "Share a Coke With..." campaign to additional worldwide regions, the profile of digital label printing is expected to continue to rise across the globe well into the future.

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