Clear labels vital for industrial safety

18th December 2013 - Fine Cut
Clear labels vital for industrial safety

Maintaining a high standard of health and safety is something that businesses across a variety of industries struggle to carry out due to the fast-paced and competitive nature of their operations.

However, failure to comply with such regulations could leave firms putting the wellbeing of their employees in danger, as well as facing legal implications for their failures.

At Fine Cut, we understand the importance of using health and safety to your advantage in order to create a happy and healthy workforce, along with a good working environment.

Our huge range of industrial labels and custom-printed industrial graphics can be used to identify machines and products in order to prevent incidents, as well as for many additional specifications.

Fine Cut's experienced sales team can advise you on how to achieve the best finish for your application, while our range of material and adhesive combinations means that you are guaranteed a high quality end result.

Companies failing to comply with health and safety regulations put the lives of their workforce in serious danger, particularly those roles where potentially-dangerous machinery is used on a daily basis.

A bread manufacturer based in Pontypridd was recently prosecuted after an employee's hand was trapped by moving blades on a dough-cutting machine.

Easibake Foods was fined £14,000 plus £9,931 in legal fees following the incident. An investigation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found there was no guard on the machine to prevent access to the moving blades.

The female employee suffered a fracture to her right index finger and multiple fractures to her thumb, as well as soft tissue and nerve damage to her right hand - resulting in the temporary loss of movement in her fingers.

HSE inspector Stuart Charles said: "Sadly, it is not uncommon for employees in the food manufacturing industry to be injured when cleaning unguarded, operating machinery. HSE will not hesitate to prosecute companies where key safety devices are not fitted to potentially dangerous machinery."

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