Brands using labels to reposition their products

10th October 2011 - Fine Cut

Businesses have responded to the difficult economic climate by repositioning their products in the market, using printed labels and other packaging to showcase their intentions.

Barbra Wright, director of insights and planning at Blue Marlin, told that many own-label brands are acting like higher-value names in a bid to appeal to different demographics.

This has resulted in some attractive designs appearing on supermarket shelves, she added.

In Wright's view, firms are trying to reward the customer with beautiful packaging in a bid to entice them to spend more money on products. While consumers are not splashing out as much on big "treats" like holidays, they are still buying smaller premium treats such as food and cosmetics.

She said: "We are working on a drinks brand at the moment that is a very successful brand but it is aware that it is quite polarised. So, they are looking at how they can extend their range to a different audience so they can broaden their footprint."

If companies are short of ideas on how to re-brand their product they may want to look to the past, according to the Lansing State Journal. It pointed out that many concepts that did not catch on a long time ago could be successful in the modern market.

For example, half-size drinks cans were brought out in the 1980s and experienced disastrous sales; yet since they were reintroduced to the mainstream sphere a few years ago, they have done very well.

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