Brands sued for mislabelling products

28th June 2011 - Fine Cut

Some 26 cosmetic companies have been sued after it was discovered they had wrong labelled products as organic.

According to Mail Online, the companies have been subject to a lawsuit from the Centre for Environmental Health (CEH), which claimed the companies' face wash and shampoo products "do not contain enough organic ingredients to warrant the label."

Regulations suggest that products need to have 70 per cent natural ingredients in order to be labelled as organic. These ingredients also need to be grown without the aid of chemicals or pesticides.

A spokesperson for the CEH, executive director Michael Green, explained why the organisation had taken a stand. He argued: "For years, organic advocates have called on personal care companies to fix their improper 'organic' labels, but our recent purchasing shows the industry is still rife with unsubstantiated organic claims.

"We want to encourage companies to use organic ingredients, and insure [sic] that consumers can trust organic labels to be meaningful and consistent," Green added on

His comments came after the CEH released an official press release to confirm its intent to sue. It said that not only were the products mislabelled, they also contained some harmful products.

The press release read: "Several of the products, including products intended for children, contain potentially toxic ingredients, including chemicals suspected of causing asthma, disrupting hormones, or causing cancer and other health problems."


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