Asda's cider labels in breach of code

08th March 2011 - Fine Cut

Supermarket chain Asda has been forced to change the labels on its extra strength cider.

The case has highlighted the importance of turning to a professional to create high-quality, accurate and apposite product labels.

The two-litre bottles of Asda's own-brand cider were originally emblazoned with the word "strong", with reference to the cider's 5.3 per cent alcohol content. However, after complaints to alcohol regulatory body the Portman Group, an independent complaints panel was set up to investigate the issue.

They concluded that the alcohol content was the dominant theme of the packaging and therefore in breach of the Portman Group Code.

Since the announcement, Asda has taken the cider off the shelves and has already changed the labelling.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain spoke to Marketing Week about the situation, claiming: "We are grateful to the Portman Group for raising this issue with us."

"We take our responsibility as an alcohol retailer very seriously, which is why we acted immediately to redesign the label."

Chief executive of the Portman Group, David Poley, also voiced an opinion, telling Marketing Magazine that: "Drinks companies must not market their products on the basis of their alcoholic strength and the Portman Group Code makes this very clear."

"We welcome that Asda has acknowledged the problem and taken rapid action to change its labelling."

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