Asda rebrands 'unloved' food range

22nd September 2010 - Fine Cut

Supermarket giant Asda is relaunching its own brand mid priced food line.

The move comes just weeks after Andy Clarke the new chief executive said the food quality at the Wal-Mart owned grocer was not as good as those sold by its rivals.

According to Mr Clarke, shoppers have embraced the store's Smart Price range and on occasion treat themselves to products from the more expensive Extra Special range, but it has left the standard range "invisible and quite unloved."

In an effort to overcome this, the company is investing £100 million to introduce 500 new products, reformulate a further 1,000 products and to repackage the 2,500 products in the range.

Items from the previous range which was just branded 'Asda,' will now wear 'Asda, Chosen by you' product labels, a name designed to acknowledge taste tests which Asda say involved an army of 40,000 consumers.

Some of the new item to be included in the range are a red pepper and Wensleydale cheese soup and a sticky toffee flavoured ice cream. The supermarket said only 30 lines were being de-listed and it would not alter its prices to fund the new ranges.

Richard Perks retail analyst at Mintel told The Telegraph: "It's very interesting. For so long Asda have been fixated on prices, now they seem to have realised their food just wasn't up to scratch."

Last month Mr Clarke said in the past Asda's food had not been good enough, he said in an interview: "I'm very passionate about food values and food quality. It's something we haven't spent enough time talking about or working on."

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