ASDA agrees to modify beef labels after complaint

05th October 2011 - Fine Cut

ASDA has agreed to change the labels on its 'Hereford Beef' selection after agreeing with complaints that they were misleading.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) contacted the supermarket after finding out that their labels made no reference to the fact that the meat was from Uruguay.

The supermarket branded the product as 'Hereford Beef' because it is made from Hereford cattle. However, the NFU complained that customers were being misled into believing that the product was created in the UK.

The 'Hereford Beef' is now labelled in away which makes it obvious that the cattle used are reared and slaughtered in South America.

Speaking about the changes to, NFU head of food chain praised ASDA for listening to their concerns.

He said: "We are pleased that ASDA has listened to our complaint and changed the packaging so it is now clear that the beef comes from Uruguay. The new packaging is an exemplar case of how food should be labelled and I hope this episode demonstrates to retailers that we take the practice of misleading the public seriously."

According to, the NFU will now campaign to The British Retail Consortium in order to have the voluntary code of practice on country of origin labelling improved.




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