Alcohol firms on track to meet labelling guidance target

02nd July 2012 - Fine Cut

Providing health information on 80 per cent of labels by the end of December 2013 is a target that alcohol firms are set to meet.

That's according to the Portman Group, cited by, which suggests that unit content, the Chief Medical Officers' sensible drinking guidelines and a warning about alcohol and pregnancy is just some of the content set to be shown on the new labels.

Currently, with 18 months left to go until the target needs to be met, the current rate of compliance of 60 per cent but more companies are expected to confirm their pledges in the coming months, reports

Henry Ashworth, chief executive of the Portman Group and co-chair of the Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network, commented on the trend: "It's encouraging to see drinks producers making good progress on this pledge but there is still some way to go to ensure 80 per cent of products in UK stores are carrying this information by 2015.

"With eighteen months remaining, I am confident that we will get there but now is the time for drinks producers who haven't yet signed up to get on and do so. The Responsibility Deal is a good framework for the industry to focus its efforts in this area and provide consumers with important health information on labels," he added.

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